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Jan 4 2022

2022 Brand Calendar

The 2022 Flying Dog Brand Calendar promises fantastic new beers, wild experiments, and returning favorites. This isn’t a promise like the one from the ex who said they would be a better person before using your dad's credit card to fill a wading pool with vodka. We mean it, these beers kick serious ass. That…

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Nov 24 2021

Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

  This Thanksgiving, you’re in charge of the beer. Which is good. The closest you’ve come to preparing a turkey is watching videos of deep fryer accidents on YouTube. The last time you baked a pie the local fire department was heavily involved. Mom won’t let you mash the potatoes because “you always do it…

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Oct 21 2019

Field Notes 2019

  As we approach year five of our Maryland Hops Research partnership with the University of Maryland's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, we have summarized the first four years of research and analysis of the 24 hop varieties planted at the Western Maryland Research Center in Keedysville, Maryland.  You can read our latest findings…

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Jun 12 2019

Name That Bucking Deer

Betwixt the various Ralph Steadman masterpieces that adorn the walls of our tasting room, right smack over the center of our bar, friends of Flying Dog can find a bit of twisted taxidermy. Nobody knows for sure exactly how our once-vibrant young buck managed to sprout such batty batons atop his furry crown, but everyone has a…

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May 13 2019

Do It For The Agri-Culture

Decades from now, we’ll tell our grandchildren tales of our swashbuckling glory days in Maryland craft beer. We’ll sing the names of “Willamette,” “Sorachi Ace," and “Vojvodina,” ancient deities, pillars in our mythos, like mighty Zeus himself. And all of our stories will hit their crescendos in the year 2019. For two years, we toiled…

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